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Ashton started her career in 2006 while she was still a junior in high school. She loves seeing people feel good about themselves and that love is what still drives her career today. She's exceptionally skilled at making magic while simultaneously operating in the realm of reality. The best part is that she truly listens and communicates everything with her clients. Her ability to synthesize her creativity with her determined logic makes her one of a kind. Presented with

something seemingly difficult or confusing she's the stylist who will say "let's figure out a way" and she will leave no stone unturned analyzing the time-frame, your desired result and all the tools and techniques she could implement. 

During her time outside of the salon you'll find her chillin' with her husband, snuggling their sweet, cuddly animals. Ashton is a firm believer that not all patios are created equal. So if she's sans-cat you're only going to find her on a legitimate patio with her corgi and her people. Corgi's aren't really into climbing  but Ashton and her husband still find plenty of  time to hike and adventure.

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