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Love doing hair, adore your clientele but hate your stupid job?

You should definitely quit so we can start properly fan-girling you. With money. And respect. And freedom and a bunch of other desirable job stuff you can read more about below. We'll spoil your guests too.


Wanna quit but your terrible salon makes it really hard for your amazing clientele to join you and that's sad af and scary because bills, adulting, life in general?

QUIT. Byeeeeeee. We'll fill your books real quick plus, your favs will find you. They'll slide into your dm's before you can even slide into the giant bottle of Valium also known as our employee massage chair room.  

Relocating to this magical city, leaving your beloved clientele behind, worried as hell because you need a clientele yesterday but there are thou? You're gonna love Austin and you're gonna love working here. We gotchu and won't let haters pull any "Don't California my Texas", "Don't San Antonio my Austin" or any other uncouth nonsense on you.

Renting a chair because you love money and freedom but managing your books, taxes and inventory is actually not worth the few thousand more you thought you were going to make? You should 100% stop that mess and work here instead. Your money and freedom won't be compromised, you'll still feel like your own boss only next vacay no time will be wasted crunching numbers. The only crunching will be when your feet hit the sand and no time will be wasted because time doesn't exist on islands.

Fresh outta hair school, want to assist an established stylist and front desk team while getting paid a living wage? Inquire below! If we're a match and you fall in love with doing hair we'll help carve your path to full blown stylist.

Don't do hair, don't wanna do hair but you're awesome, love people, maybe had a dream or two about handling a landline and a keyboard at the same time and need to make a living wage? Inquire below!

We don't believe you should hate your job.

We don't believe you should struggle financially in this industry.

We don't believe you have to rent a booth to have freedom.

We don't believe your time, talent and effort should be lining the pockets of salon owners while you're without healthcare, retirement, PTO and jonesing for a vacation.

We don't believe your job should compromise your quality of life or your physical and mental health.

We don't believe chintzy time constraints, product pushing, dismissive/incompetent management, crusty attitudes, inequality or the salon's "bottom line" should impede on your creativity, joy, success, freedom, growth or the enthusiasm you have for your artistry.

Beliefs are great motivators and guides but without dedication and follow-through they're just lip service. Here's what we believe and how we ensure it becomes your reality and continuously nurtures our reputation as a luxury service providing salon and gilt-edged employer:

In a nutshell we believe you can have a rich work/life balance, a rich bank account and a rich future in this industry.  We believe your desire to share your creativity, become excellent in your chosen field, trade hours of your life developing skills and providing services makes you worthy of compensation that allows you the best possible chance to experience life with joy, satisfaction, pleasure and ease. 


Unfortunately our industry, like so many others has been fed a narrative that serves only a handful of privileged choosing not to challenge the immoral structures holding up the system which keeps them safe. They gaslight themselves into denial because soaking up the reality that equally and even more valuable players are suffering in the wake of their negligence would put them face-to-face with their cherished yet false worth. They don't desire to adopt the integrity required to safely possess this degree of power. Integrity renders their entire reality pathetic and unbearable; incomprehensible to their fragile egos.


Likely they don't know who created the the checklist of arbitrary and impossible-for-most boxes that measure our worth in today's society (college degrees, wealth, possessions, able bodies, etc...) but they're not about to use their power to destroy it when they can easily carry on devouring the unearned praise and making friends along the way. 


They've been programmed to embody the narrative that keeps the most of us busy surviving so we don't become powerful enough to destroy it. They echo it's message "Keep up the good work! You're generating so much value! You're just not smart enough to transform the value to tangible (remember all those boxes you couldn't check?) don't worry though, we'll pass it through all of our smart, rich, magical hands transforming it to fruit you can eat." So we accept the post-carnage scraps of our labor and carry on. And honestly they might not even realize how stupid and evil this all really is. The oppressed aren't stupid though, they just don't have time to learn the truth or tear down the structure... because if they stop working to create the time, THEY WILL DIE. 

We pay stylists the highest, no-strings-attached commission in Austin; we cover the cost of business cards, marketing tools, color/backbar, styling products and credit card/merchant fees. 

We pay ALL of our employees a living wage. 

We do NOT utilize contracts and you're free to resign and work anywhere you desire; we'll give you access to your client list for 2 weeks and after that we'll assist your cli won't lie to your client's about where you're working and we'll

We don't push products or track your product sales in an effort to reward or punish you. 

We're a salon not a factory and you're a human being and artist not a machine therefore you will have ample time provide services. 

We don't care if you take time off.

We have an incredibly competent and solution oriented front desk and management team that focus on you and your client having the best possible experience; they don't micro-manage, power-trip or play games. 

We don't keep ego-maniacs, bigots or ass hats of any sort as company.


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