Please read through the procedures we are implementing to keep you and our staff safe.

Our mission is to not contribute a single case to the rising Covid 19 numbers while offering luxury hair services. If you are not okay with any of our procedures or protocols, we respect your decision and ask that you cancel your appointment. Stylists cannot maintain 6ft distance while doing hair and we cannot budge on any of the changes we have in place to protect them, our guests and our community. 

Thank you so much for understanding.




  • Please follow the link to read and sign our waiver then continue to read all of our procedures to ensure a your appointment is as smooth as possible.

  • Text the salon from your car when you arrive. We will text you back when it's time to come inside. 512-326-1010

  • Please wear a mask in to the salon. You will be required wear your mask once you check out to leave the salon.  

  • ONLY the person receiving the service at the scheduled time will be allowed in the salon. No children, no significant others, no friends, pets, etc. 

  • Please bring only the essentials- keys, phone and payment. NO FOOD, DRINKS or CASH.

  • If you're getting color please wear clothes that can get stained. We will still give you a robe/smock to put on over your clothes but you will not be able to change out of your clothes.

  • There are two distanced chairs under umbrellas outside if you prefer to wait closer to the salon instead of your car.

  • If your stylist is running late or early we will text you the details instead of calling.

  • Once we text you to come in, you'll be greeted at our sanitation station as soon as you enter the salon. Please do not talk until your mask is securely in place.

  • Upon entering you will place your belongings in a disinfected bin (you'll have access to it at all times), have your temp checked, sanitize your hands, put on one of our disinfected, color safe face masks and a robe/smock. Then sign waiver if you weren't able to online. Please note you must change into one of our face masks because our stylists cannot wear gloves and cannot avoid touching your mask.

  • We have protective eyewear available upon request. We strongly encourage this if you are immunocompromised or feel you are high risk in any way.

  • We are not currently serving beverages.

  • You will be directed to your stylist's station. Your stylist's station will have their name on it (some stylists will be at new stations so pay attention to the names)  Your stylist will greet you at their station.

  • Please no hugs. Air hugs and elbow bumps only. 

  • There will typically be no more than be 5-7 stylists working at a time and everyone is more than 6 feet apart.

  • You will be asked to put on a glove and hold your mask on your face if the stylist needs to remove the ear piece for trimmers etc..

  • We ask that you limit the amount of talking during your appointment.

  • Please NO TALKING during your shampoo. It's a vulnerable position for our stylists.

  • Your stylist will discuss future appointments during your appointment. We strongly encourage you to book your next appointment online to minimize face-to-face chatting and phone calls.

  • The front desk team will gather any products that you need and have them ready at check out.


  • The front desk will instruct you where to dispose of your mask and robe/smock before you leave. You can purchase the mask you're wearing for $10.00 if you'd like. We will offer you a free disposable mask to leave with if you do not have one.

  • As a reminder, please respond to our text to confirm or cancel your appointment.


How are we protecting you and our community?

  • ALL of our employees wear protective masks and eyewear or face shields.

  • Our staff are required to wash their hands upon entering, between every client and before and after they eat.

  • We are operating at less than half capacity, removed many styling chairs to safely distance everyone, taped off the floor to assist in appropriate distancing and we hung plastic barriers to protect vulnerable areas.

  • We bleached and sanitized the entire salon before opening.

  • We installed touch free soap and paper towel dispensers.

  • Our staff is required and has agreed to social distance, avoid non-essential travel and wear masks in public while off the clock.

  • Our staff will have their temperature checked upon entering.

  • All of our staff are Barbicide Certified (hospital grade disinfectant).

  • Every station is sanitized between clients.

  • All tools are disinfected and safely stored when not in use and between clients.

  • Every hair product container is sanitized after each use.

  • Every room in our salon is socially distanced and has designated seating.

  • We have timers going off throughout the day to clean high touch, medium touch and low touch zones. In addition the entire salon is thoroughly cleaned everyday.

  • There is no eating or drinking allowed during your service.

  • In the event an employee tests positive for Covid19 we will thoroughly carry out proper contact tracing and proper testing/quarantine protocols to minimize risk and spread. 

  • We promise we will always put the safety of our customers, staff and community before our bottom line.

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