All appointments between 3/20/20 and 5/25/20 have been cancelled

If you had an appointment on the books between 3/20/20 - 5/25/20

We encourage you to reschedule your appointment online for a later date, check back frequently and continue to reschedule as needed.

All appointments booked on and after  5/25/2020 will remain on the books so we can service you asap if we are safe to reopen. We ask that you visit our website frequently because we have limited resources to reach all of our clients at this time. When we know the date that we plan to reopen we will reach out via text message to confirm those appointments that are already scheduled. Typically, we will reach out two days prior to the appointment. This may change as we learn more about when we expect to reopen.

 We ask that you're flexible when we do reopen. We know that we'll have to make adjustments to accommodate the most current recommendations and our stylists needs. The information is changing rapidly and we'll try our best to keep you informed.


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