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Kate is Austin's finest when it come to blending customer service and mad hair skills! She is patient, intuitive, and genuinely listens to her clients to create the best possible experience and outcome.

Kate was Black Orchid Salon's first protégée. After managing our front desk for several years she decided to make her way to the cutting floor. She trained under our very own Juan Tamayo and Emali Velesquez for over 2 years laying a solid foundation to support her legendary reputation and cult-like following. 

She's a multi-faceted lady; in addition to hair she is a certified

@beautymagician                #HairByKateMcCarthy

level 2 Reiki Practitioner, a Black Swan Certified yoga teacher, a day-maker, an incredible cook and someday we're pretty sure we'll see her unintended one-liners made into a best selling book. "Liv Tyler is the world's most beautiful crier" and "Call it a 'dog eat dog' world if you want but I'll always call it a doggy dog world" are just two of our favs!

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