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Maggie was always the one doing her friends hair through middle school and high school. After two semesters of college, she realized that wasn’t her path. Maggie began her hair journey at the AVEDA institute here in ATX back in 2012. After a year long apprenticeship under a master stylist and head of education, she was out on her own. Maggie loves working with what you have. Her goal is to enhance who you are, not change you completely. She wants to feel like the best version of yourself everyday! “Hair is right, Life is right” is her motto. She listens intently and gives you feedback about the realities of what you desire. She will never over promise you anything, but instead keeps you and your hair goals in a reality check, while simultaneously making you feel amazing while working with what you have. The best feeling for her is when a client cannot stop looking at themselves in a mirror.


When Maggie is not making you feel like the best version of you, she is hanging out with her husband Demian, and their two dogs, Ozzie and Zinco. She loves to watch horror movies and listen to podcasts of the macabre. Maggie is always down to go get coffee at a local coffee shop or grab some good food she has never tried. 

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