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owner + artist

Currently I'm  deepening my meditation practice, getting certified to coach Enneagram, and embracing all the magic I can conjure in this life!   P.s., there aren't enough pages on this website to express the gratitude I have for every  person that has ever walked through our doors or interacted with us in any way. You make dreams come true. BIG LOVE!!! 

After doing hair for over 10 years I decided to hang up one of the great loves of my life to fully embrace owning the salon. I wanted to cultivate the best team I could and nurture the culture we built the past decade.

As a creative big picture person my role is mostly behind the scenes, planting seeds for our future and well-being. I'm so grateful for all the detail-oriented people we have on our team; they keep our ship soaring while I'm chasing the next big idea for the salon and shop!

In my free time you'd find me making jewelry (you'll see some of my pieces in the shop), taking my son to baseball (or arguing with him), renovating something in my house, growing a jungle inside my house or chasing anything and everything that sparks joy in my life.

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