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Below are our most popular services and the most up-to-date pricing. We provide completely transparent pricing. All services include a blow dry and simple style. Toners are included for any highlight. On occasion, there is an additional charge for color services if we need to use additional product (color). This is rare and will be communicated during the consultation when possible. If you have ANY questions please give us a call. We're happy to help!


Please call the salon if you have questions about pricing or services that aren't listed.

Hair magic begins with a thorough consultation!

  • Tell your stylist about your hair history especially when it comes to color. We need to know everything about your color history.

  • Bring pictures. They're the best way to convey your hair goals.

  • Ask questions. 

Your stylist wants to ensure you're both on the same page. We want to make sure you love your hair!

Policies to know before you book: Canceling and Rescheduling / Children


Cutting & Styling Services   

Cutting prices vary by stylist and are customized to your desired look and your hair’s length + density.

Medium/Long Cut                                               $75 - $100+

Typically medium to long length. Occasionally short on the sides and long on top - these cuts cannot fully be achieved with clippers and your ears may or may not be showing. 

Short Cut                                                             $55 - $70+

Short all over (ears fully showing). Although scissors may be used, the length could be accomplished with clippers. Short cuts typically require edging around the ears/neck.

Transformation Cut                                             $100 - $125+

Transformation Cuts are styles that are dramatically different than what you currently have.

Shampoo & Blow dry                                                $60 -$80

Round or flat brush.


Keratin Treatment                                               $350 - $400+

Smooths and straightens frizzy hair for up to 5 months.

BondPro+/OLAPLEX Treatment                                            $40

Add onto Shampoo & Blow dry or appropriate service.

Conditioning Treatment                                             $25 - $35

Add onto Shampoo & Blow dry or appropriate service.​

Color & Chemical Services

Color & chemical prices vary by stylist and are customized to your desired look, complexity of service, and your hair's length + density. 

Partial Highlight                                                 $175 - $200+

Add root color $40+

Full Highlight                                                     $215- $240+

Add root color $40+

Partial Balayage Highlight                                   $195 - $215+

Add root color $40+

Full Balayage / Ombre'                                     $235 - $255+

Add root color $40+

Single Color Root Touch-Up                                            $100+

Refresh mids to ends with color $40+

Color Correction                                                  $150+/hour

Consultation required​

Waxing Services

Eyebrow/Lip/Chin                                          $20 - $25 each

Soft wax/hard wax/tweezing


Currently, we do not offer bridal/wedding hair or make-up services.

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