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Bailey D.

Cut / Color / Waxing

Bailey grew up in salons. Her mother was also a cosmetologist and owned her own salon. Bailey's dream was always to make people feel beautiful, build confidence and enhance their natural features. After graduating from Aveda Institute she was determined to start her career. She worked through her apprentice program at Black Orchid.


When she's not making her clients' hair dreams come true, she spends her free time with her husband Gabriel, and their fur babies. Going on walks, trying out all the new and exciting eateries Austin has to offer. She enjoys traveling as much as possible, going to concerts, and festivals. Live music is the best way to spend her weekends.


Brittany B.

Cut / Color / Waxing / Keratin

Brittany is a small-town Kansas girl who made her way to Austin as fast as possible. Inspired by hanging around the salon with her hairstylist stepmother,  She feels inspired by doing natural-looking hair colors: vibrant reds, rich brunettes, and blondes all day! Brittany knows her way around wavy curls, thick hair and has worn every kind of fringe out there.

Brittany is currently a senior at the University of Texas studying Psychology and will pursue a graduate degree, a Master's in Counseling. She loves to decompress by reading sci-fi and fantasy hanging out with her partner Zac and their three cats: Bird, Rex and Gravy.

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Frannie P.

Cut / Color / Waxing

Bio coming soon.


Lauren B.

Cut / Color / Waxing

When Lauren enrolled in a Vidal Sassoon Connection Academy, she never looked back. Doing hair and making people look good & feel happy is the greatest gift and Lauren wouldn’t trade her job for the world. She truly wants everyone to love their hair and believes she can help you achieve your hair goals.


When she isn’t doing hair, Lauren loves to hang out at home with her sweet husband Brian and precious fur babies. She loves to watch comedies and mind numbingly bad reality tv, among many other things. She still loves to travel and see live music as often as possible. 


Maggie M.

Cut / Color / Waxing

Maggie was always the one doing her friends hair through middle school and high school. After two semesters of college, she realized that wasn’t her path. Maggie began her hair journey at the AVEDA institute. Maggie loves working with what you have. Her goal is to enhance who you are. She wants to feel like the best version of yourself every day! “Hair is right, Life is right” is her motto. She will never over promise you anything, but instead keeps you and your hair goals in a reality check, while simultaneously making you feel amazing while working with what you have. The best feeling for her is when a client cannot stop looking at themselves in a mirror.


When Maggie is not making you feel like the best version of you, she is hanging out with her husband Demian, and their doggies. She loves to watch horror movies and listen to podcasts of the macabre. Maggie is always down to go get coffee at a local coffee shop or grab some good food she has never tried. 


Miranda M.

Cut / Color / Extensions / Keratin

Miranda hails from Southern Canada, also known as Minnesota. Miranda started her hair career while living in Colorado. She's been working her magic in Austin since 2015. Miranda has been changing people's lives and hair for over a decade.


In her free time, she enjoys “grandma crafts” such as crocheting, painting, taking care of my plants, dollhouse/miniature making, embroidery, etc. When she's not being crafty she loves spending time with my family and traveling to every nature spot she can. Miranda feels the best thing about being a hairdresser is helping people feel their best, and she strives to do that with every person :)


Veronica G.

Cut / Color / Waxing

Veronica enjoys working with hair that moves. Wavy hair, layered cuts, and big volume always get her excited. Additionally, pixie cuts are so much fun to design. Veronica's goal is to work with the natural hairline and texture of the hair for a soft and low-maintenance short cut. Healthy, practical hair will always be her priority. 

Austin is Veronica's hometown, so there is no shortage of things she loves in this city. Music, food, and nature fill her free time outside of the salon. Live shows have become a favorite destination for her vacations. Red Rocks in Colorado will always have her heart. Riding her bicycle is her favorite workout, and how she gets around some parts of town. Ask her about safe and challenging routes or join her on the Southern Walnut Creek Trail. 


Ashton T.

Cut / Color / Waxing

Ashton started her career while she was still a junior in high school. She loves seeing people feel good about themselves and that love is what still drives her career today. She's exceptionally skilled at making magic while simultaneously operating in the realm of reality. The best part is that she truly listens and communicates everything with her clients. Her ability to synthesize her creativity with her determined logic makes her one of a kind. 

During her time outside of the salon you'll find her chillin' with her husband, snuggling their sweet, cuddly animals. Ashton is a firm believer that not all patios are created equal. So if she's sans-cat you're only going to find her on a legitimate patio her people. 


Vanessa P.

Cut / Color / Keratin

Vanessa has a true passion for her craft! Her passion for hair started at a young age when her grandmother was a receptionist at a family friend's salon. She loved the interaction and transformations she saw and couldn't wait to get her hands in some hair. She attends education courses every year, in-house and around town, and is constantly seeking knowledge to keep her skills sharp.

She's not all work and no play though. This rad chick rides a motorcycle y'all! You can catch her riding around town. This thrill-seeking gal LOVES theme parks too. If there's a roller coaster, she wants to be on it. Her son, Gavin and two dogs like a good Netflix and chill night too.

She's a well rounded lady that loves her art and wants to spend a little time getting to know you and your hair. Her art and passion is your BEAUTIFUL hair and experience.


Danielle W.

Cut / Color / Waxing / Extensions

Danielle has been in the hair industry for almost two decades and in that time she has continued to educate herself and learn from those around her to better serve her clients. She prides herself on really listening to a client's wants and needs. Her hope is that when you leave her chair you have been heard and are happy with the result. She truly enjoys every aspect of what she does and getting to create a look that makes people feel good about themselves is the best part.

She loves cuddling up to her furry little babies with a good book on the sofa or playing volley ball with her friends.


Kate M.

Cut / Color / Waxing 

Kate is Austin's finest when it come to blending customer service and mad hair skills! She is patient, intuitive, and genuinely listens to her clients to create the best possible experience and outcome. Kate was Black Orchid Salon's first protégée. After managing our front desk for several years she decided to make her way to the cutting floor. She trained under our very own Juan and Emali for a solid foundation to support her legendary reputation and cult-like following.l


She's a level 2 Reiki Practitioner, a Black Swan Certified yoga teacher, a day-maker, an incredible cook and someday we're pretty sure we'll see her unintended one-liners made into a best selling book. "Liv Tyler is the world's most beautiful crier" and "Call it a 'dog eat dog' world if you want but I'll always call it a doggy dog world" are just two of our favs!


Juan T.

Cut / Color / Educator

Juan started his career back in the 1900's :). After graduating barber school he worked and trained in an Aveda salon near the U.T. campus. He honed his skills working with some very talented stylists but he craved more  and went on to train with the director of education at the Vidal Sassoon Academy in Santa Monica, California. Taking 3, 4 and 5 day creative courses- this is where he began to see hair as more of an art form than just style.

Juan has an insatiable lust for knowledge and growth. He's attended numerous creative cutting courses at Vidal Sassoon Salons between Chicago and San Francisco. He's completed the Master Colorist training with Goldwell in New York and Vancouver. And he continues to inspire us all to never get complacent. 

Throughout his career, Juan has met so many wonderful clients that he is proud to call friends!


Emma C.

Cut / Color / Educator

Emma has sustained a long-standing passion for the hair industry. After graduating from the Toni and Guy Academy, she further developed her skills by training for three years at Toni & Guy, owning her own suite. At Black Orchid Salon Emma has completed dozens of classes honing her skills, including but not limited to balayage formulation and application, hair painting, Goldwell color, styling, precision cutting, and hair texturizing. She values maintaining a professional and relaxing atmosphere for her clients. 


When Emma is not creating personal styles for her clientele you might find her teaching yoga, reading non-fiction, watching movies with her boyfriend and her doggo or,  just chillin' with friends drinking iced oat milk lattes. Emma looks forward to seeing you in her chair and making your personal hair dreams true!

Emma is currently on leave.


Lilli D.

Cut / Color / Waxing

For Lilli, being a stylist means being able to make something beautiful and having the chance to make people happy every day. To her that's the best reward. Understanding the laid back Austin attitude, Lilli is especially talented at creating easy-care cuts that look great every day. She loves creating styles that are quick and easy to fix before heading to the office in the morning, but can be jazzed up before heading out to hit the town. She also loves it when her clients stop in for a shampoo and blow-dry before an event or fancy dinner. 

Lilli isn't taking new clients currently. 


Emali V.

Cut / Color / Waxing / Educator

Emali's love for hair started while growing up in Indiana when she would style her friends hair for fun. After graduating high school she went straight to cosmetology school and turned her passion into a fulfilling career. Her goal is to make you walk with an extra pep in your step because you feel so good about the way you look and feel. Who doesn't deserve that?!

Emali isn't taking new clients currently. 

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