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Below are our most popular services and the most up-to-date pricing. Please call the salon if you have questions about pricing or services that aren't listed.

Hair magic begins with a thorough consultation!

  • Tell your stylist about your hair history especially when it comes to color. We need to know everything about your color history.

  • Bring pictures. They're the best way to convey your hair goals.

  • Ask questions. 

Your stylist wants to ensure you're both on the same page. We want to make sure you love your hair!

Policies to know before you book: Canceling and Rescheduling / Children


Cutting & Styling Services   

Cutting prices vary by stylist and are customized to your desired look and your hair’s length + density.

Medium/Long Cut                                               $80 - $110+

Typically medium to long length. Occasionally short on the sides and long on top - these cuts cannot fully be achieved with clippers and your ears may or may not be showing. 

Short Cut                                                             $50 - $75+

Short all over (ears fully showing). Although scissors may be used, the length could be accomplished with clippers. Short cuts typically require edging around the ears/neck.

Transformation Cut                                               $90 - $130+

Transformation Cuts are styles that are dramatically different than what you currently have.

Shampoo & Blow dry                                                $55 -$75

Round or flat brush.


Keratin Treatment                                               $350 - $400+

Smooths and straightens frizzy hair for up to 5 months.

BondPro+/OLAPLEX Treatment                                            $40

Add onto Shampoo & Blow dry or appropriate service.

Conditioning Treatment                                             $20 - $30

Add onto Shampoo & Blow dry or appropriate service.​

Color & Chemical Services

Color & chemical prices vary by stylist and are customized to your desired look, complexity of service, and your hair's length + density. 

Partial Highlight                                                 $160 - $195+

Add root color $40+

Full Highlight                                                     $200- $235+

Add root color $40+

Partial Balayage Highlight                                   $180 - $210+

Add root color $40+

Full Balayage / Ombre'                                     $220 - $250+

Add root color $40+

Single Color Root Touch-Up                                            $100+

Refresh mids to ends with color $40+

Color Correction                                                  $150+/hour

Consultation required​

Waxing Services

Eyebrow/Lip/Chin                                          $20 - $25 each

Soft wax/hard wax/tweezing


Currently we do not offer bridal/wedding hair or make-up services.

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